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Corona restrictions



Hygiene measures that apply to the tattoo industry are already very strict, and we of course follow all infection control advice from FHI. Here is some information that we ask all customers to read through before coming to their appointment.    


If you´re feeling sick, stay at home. This goes without saying, but we say it anyway! Appointments must be canceled immediately if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or if you have been quarantined/isolated! It is very important for both us and other customers that you do not come to your appointment if you are ill, so that you avoid infecting others with covid or common flu/cold. 


Unfortunately, you can´t bring anyone with you to your appointment. The studio would also prefer that you meet up precisely to the appointment so you won't be in the waiting area more than you need to.


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, especially when you arrive at the studio. Our sinks are touch free, and Antibac is available. Try your best to keep some distance to others.  



Det er nå påbudt med munnbind igjen, og vi ber alle våre kunder om å ha med dette når de kommer. Dette gjelder når man ikke kan holde 1 meters avstand. Munnbind skal egentlig byttes etter noen timers bruk, så ta med flere ved behov. 

It is mandatory to wear a face mask, and we ask that all our clients bring this to their appointment! This rule applies when it´s not possible to keep 1 meter distance. Masks should be changed after a few hours use, so please bring more if necessary! 


Anyone who starts to feel sick during an appointment must leave the tattoo studio immediately and reschedule for another day. 



-Wear a facemask 

-Wash hands often.  

-Keep a distance  

-Cough/sneeze in the elbow if you must.  

-Cancel your appointment if you feel sick.   


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us! We look forward to seeing you all soon and making many beautiful tattoos!  


The rules can change quickly, so stay tuned! Read more about today's infection control advice from FHI on their website: 

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