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The ability to fight infections is worse when you are pregnant. If the customer does not take care of the skin after the tattoo, infections can easily occur, and antibiotics are often needed to defeat it. During pregnancy one should avoid "unnecessary" medications, antibiotics included. In particular, the first trimester is a critical phase in fetal development, and any unnecessary exposure to chemicals should be avoided. The fetus may also respond to the mother's pain and is more likely to be stressed by it. Water in the body, which is a common problem during pregnancy, can have an unexpected effect on the tattoo, and destroy the tattoo after the pregnancy is over.

We will not knowingly tattoo anyone who is pregnant, and we strongly recommend that you wait until the pregnancy and breastfeeding is over before you get a tattoo done.


There is no research that indicates that its a problem to get a tattoo while breastfeeding, but then again there has not been much research on the subject. Children are usually more sensitive during the first 6 weeks. It is a risk factor for infections and high adrenaline levels that can inhibit the milk expulsion reflex.

Baced on this information we recommend to wait until you are done breastfeeding before you book your appointment.

The information is gathered from NTU´s (Norwegian tattoo union) website for members.

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