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We only use sterile disposable equipment and have strict procedures and work techniques to prevent the transmission of any infectious diseases. We only use inks that have been approved by the Norwegian Health Protection / EU-approved pigments. However, a tattoo can cause inflammation, infection or an allergic reaction, and the finishing of the tattoo is entirely the customer's responsibility. In the few cases that arise afterwards, it is often animal hair, dirty clothes / towels and touch of crust with unclean hands that have the blame. All information about aftercare can be found on our website.


It is strictly forbidden to eat in the tattoo area! Food is allowed in the waiting room only. Never touch the work area, garbage basket, machinery, etc.You should never touch the tattoo during the process, should you come across something, you must notify the tattoo artist immediately. If you are ill or feel unwell, your body needs a lot of energy to recover, and an intervention should be reviewed. There is also a greater risk of inflammation when you are ill.



I hereby declare that I do not have HIV, MRSA, hepatitis, diabetes, gonorrhea, or any other disease that causes an intervention in the skin to endanger myself or others. I am aware that the tattoo artist cannot or will not intervene on me if I belong to such a risk group, or if I am pregnant. The tattoo artist is deprived of responsibility for any damage caused by the fact that, for the purpose of tattooing, I have withheld information she / he has requested in connection with the treatment. I am also aware that if I, without knowing it, suffering from a disease that first gives notice after, according to the treatment, tattooist and studio is without responsibility.

I am aware that if I have health conditions such as flu, heart problems, epilepsy, skin problems, allergies, etc., I should consult a doctor before the tattoo is performed. The tattoo artist must be informed and may refuse to perform the tattoo at this time.

I am aware that the age limit for tattooing is 18 years.

By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that the tattooing process at Element Tattoo Oslo is performed at your own risk. You also confirm that you are not affected by alcohol or other drugs / strong drugs. The information will be stored.


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